Debra Wojnarowski

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare

I’ve been an HPHC member since late 2013 and I cannot tell you how amazing this organization is when it comes to transgender healthcare–especially not in 250 words or less. Since I’ve been a member I’ve undergone approximately 17 surgeries – all but one were out of state and out of network and all were covered–which is truly amazing considering I’m in an HMO. They have made efforts to truly understand the specific unique needs of trans patients and go above and beyond for us. And the key person making a difference is Debra Wojnarowski, the nurse care manager specifically assigned to transgender patients. She is on the front lines with all of us. Pushing through authorizations, making recommendations and following up after every procedure–reaching out on her days off and taking calls and answering emails on off-hours. Connecting patients with other patients for peer support…She is truly an amazing advocate. Going through surgery is stressful enough. Debra and HPHC make navigating the insurance part one less thing to worry about. Debra has brought humanity to healthcare. If every company had a Debra the world would be a much happier, healthier place.