Mike Grandinetti


Silicon Valley is largely a white “boys club,” resulting in myopia and conformity, the enemy of innovation. Mike Grandinetti, CMO & CSO of Reduxio and Professor at the Hult International Business School, is on a mission to change that.

Mike’s passion lies in fostering a diverse workforce. Despite the current climate surrounding immigration policy, Mike hasn’t shied away from speaking his mind publicly. He regularly shares his POV on the importance of diversity, resulting in (inter-)national coverage in WCBS National TV , NPR, and al Jazeera English and business publications such as Fast Company and Inc, as well as columns in Money Inc & on Hult’s web site. Mike also shared the stage at TEDx with a US national slam poet champion that he invited to join. He actively seeks out prominent women role models to serve as judges and mentors for his female students and mentees in his entrepreneurship classes and startup advisory activities.

He proactively seeks employees from outside the U.S. despite policy uncertainty. He’s the only American on his marketing team of 11 people, 60% of which is female.

Having worked a long, varied career as an eight-time startup CXO, a McKinsey strategy consultant, an independent innovation consultant and an engineer in Silicon Valley, Mike knows that to be truly innovative, highly diverse perspectives are crucial. At Reduxio, he places great value on a fundamental principal; that the best results come from an intellectually stimulating, collaborative environment of highly empowered, diverse teams with lots of autonomy.