Advanced Copywriting

Are you an in-house agency writer, the one-person marketing department, or otherwise responsible for a lot of words on one topic? Then your job is establishing and maintaining the conversation with your customer over the long haul. We cover techniques for pulling the brand’s story through its many expressions and producing what works hardest.

Creative Concepts

Whether you’re a current creative who wants to build your portfolio or someone who’s thinking about becoming a creative, this course will help you learn how to come up with ideas and how to bring them to life. You may be an accomplished presenter, be strategic, and have strong interpersonal skills, but at the end of the day ideas rule. Your ideas are your currency. Your ideas will get you a raise, get you promoted, get you a new job and new opportunities. This 8-week online course will meet once a week in the evening for two hours over a period of eight weeks.

Design Thinking in Action

Design Thinking isn’t graphic design. It’s about solving problems in a holistic, creative way—a methodology that’s led to some of the most innovative advancements in modern times. If you’re tasked with problem solving for your organization, this hands-on workshop will leave you with a powerful set of tools to generate innovative ideas for solving the most challenging customer problems.

Finding Your Leadership Brand

The most successful seasoned executives have a well-defined leadership brand. This seminar will deliver big dividends in leadership authenticity and influence. Participants will enhance their skills in managing motivated and challenging co-workers. Each person will receive six personalized Executive Coaching sessions, which will be scheduled to coincide with three online group workshops.

Inclusive Listening: Hearing What You Are Missing

The key to delivering what your key constituents want and need is to listen to more than what they are telling you. It’s often what they don’t say that you need to hear the most. But are you listening for the entire message? Useful for understanding your clients and your teams, this workshop introduces a new model that shows us how to listen without judgment and to hear more than just the surface facts.

Managing Up, Down & Sideways

This online course will provide managers with the tools to effectively manage up, down and across to achieve greater productivity. It includes a communication styles assessment plus 1-on-1 review/coaching session with the instructor.

Presenting With Impact

This online course teaches presenters how to quickly tailor their message to their audience for the greatest impact. They learn how to stay on point, tell a persuasive story, and keep their audience engaged during virtual meetings and presentations. Presenters receive feedback on their individual presentation style and learn how to take their presentation performance to the next level.