Work Smarter Not Harder

June 11, 2020
This three-hour online workshop will provide managers with the tools to prioritize, focus and gain more time in each day. Learn how to stay motivated and focused, while establishing goals, managing your workload, avoiding distractions and more. You’ll leave this course with tips and solutions that lead to increased productivity.

Video Content Strategy & Development

February 15, 2018
In this course, we will unpack what goes into successful video content strategies. From craft quality production or quick internal content, through seamless distribution via organic or paid media, we’ll break down how to maximize the potential of today’s fast paced social/digital video ecosystem.

Copywriting Essentials

June 28, 2017
This full-day workshop covers essentials of persuasive writing and includes hands-on exercises, critique, and practical problem-solving. We analyze what works and what doesn’t. We cover techniques to get the most out of strategies, make concepting more productive, drafts stronger, and the final product harder working.

Strategic Account Management

June 14, 2017 – July 19, 2017
This course is designed for entry-level account people at external and in-house agencies. The assumption underlying the course is that account people must be a key part of the strategic and creative process and that effective account folks who have a point of view drive agency excellence.