Presenting with Impact


What’s this course about?

Now more than ever people need to present their ideas and lead meetings with clarity and confidence. This online course teaches presenters how to quickly tailor their message to their audience for the greatest impact. They learn how to stay on point, tell a persuasive story, and keep their audience engaged during virtual meetings and presentations. Presenters receive feedback on their individual presentation style and learn how to take their presentation performance to the next level.

The workshop includes:

  • Mastering physical presence
  • Understanding the power of voice
  • Using eye contact to connect
  • Organizing to ensure clarity and a logical flow
  • Tailoring content for the audience
  • Telling a story to illustrate and engage
  • Rehearsing to build confidence


Limited to 10 Participants. Location is Online.

Online Course includes:

  • Group class
  • Two one-hour coaching sessions for each participant
  • Group meets for presentations with feedback

Who will be teaching the course?

Molly Sullivan

Director of Professional Development

The Ad Club

Molly Sullivan brings more than 20 years experience in consumer marketing and talent development to The Ad Club. She specializes in coaching and training executives to optimize their leadership potential by building on their core strengths and talents. Molly leads proprietary programs focused on the following topics: Strengths-based Executive and Team Coaching, Presenting with Impact and Persuasive Business Writing.  She has coached executives and teams at Google, Boston Private Bank & Trust Company, Procter & Gamble, Swarovski, Carat, FreshDirect and Wellesley College to strengthen their management and leadership capabilities.  She has also worked extensively with executives at Hill Holiday, Tory Burch, Mullen, New Balance, Tank, Mad Pow and The TJX Companies, to advance their presentation and writing skills.  Molly’s strategic brand building and employee development skills were refined while she held executive marketing positions with worldwide advertising agencies, including Arnold, J. Walter Thompson, DDB and BBDO. Her client experience ranges from packaged goods companies such as Clorox, Frito-Lay and General Mills to real estate and telecommunication giants, Century 21 and Verizon.



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