Managing Up, Down, & Sideways

JUNE 5, 2019
This highly interactive workshop will provide managers with the tools to effectively manage up, down and across to achieve greater productivity. Participants will develop an individual action plan to manage their relationships with their supervisors, achieve successful delegation, and manage across in a more productive way.

Advanced Copywriting

June 13, 2019
Are you an in-house agency writer, the one-person marketing department, or otherwise responsible for a lot of words on one topic? Then your job is establishing and maintaining the conversation with your customer over the long haul. We cover techniques for pulling the brand’s story through its many expressions and producing what works hardest.

Evaluating Creative: Get the Best from Your Creative Team

July 17, 2019
When done right, creative evaluation reveals how well a piece of creative resonates with its intended audience and provides valuable lessons that impact future work. This workshop will focus on best practices for evaluating creative; why, when and how to evaluate creative work (and how not to!), comparing work against your brief, asking the right questions, giving productive feedback, and understanding and valuing team members roles.

Presenting With Impact (May) – SOLD OUT

May 23, 2019
This highly interactive persuasive presentation skills workshop gets people on their feet practicing and receiving feedback throughout the day. Presenters learn about their individual presentation style; becoming aware of the things they are doing well and learning how to take their presentation performance to the next level.