Developing Digital Marketing Strategies

Winter 2018

What’s this course about?

In today’s dynamic digital marketplace, it’s not enough to build a strategy that only aligns a digital marketing channel with a business goal. Consumers — users of the digital technology we leverage for our campaigns — are savvier than ever, desiring information and experiences on-demand. And, they’re empowering the choices for where they spend their time, effort, and money with research. They are growing increasingly skeptical of any branded content that may secretly try to sell them something.

In this course, we’ll explore a high-level overview of the strategic process, diving deeper into how the intersection of consumers and technology has created a shift in what target audiences now want, need, and expect. We’ll also review the basics of user behavior and psychology as they pertain to the consumer journey, identifying marketing opportunities that create positive user experiences.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to begin building a digital marketing strategy
  • Identify the reasons behind changes in user behavior along the consumer journey
  • Brainstorm marketing tactics that create positive user experiences
  • Articulate consumer attitudes and use-cases for each main digital marketing channel

Pre-requisites: Basic familiarity with email, SEO/SEM, blogs, influencer marketing, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), messaging apps (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger), display, and native advertising. We will not be reviewing a 101 of these platforms in this course; we will be exploring their strategic applications and roles within digital marketing campaigns.

Who will be teaching the course?

Michelle McCudden

Digital Director,


Michelle recently joined MMB with over ten years’ experience in digital and social, spanning agencies both large and small and as an academic. She holds a Ph.D. in New Media & Technology, specializing in how online communities work. She applies that deep knowledge of internet culture and user behaviors to help brands create content and experiences that people love and that advance business goals. 
Prior to joining MMB, Michelle was most recently a VP, Digital Strategy at Hill Holliday, where she oversaw digital and social for clients like LG, Cadillac, Liberty Mutual, Planet Fitness and T.J.Maxx. Her work has been recognized by London International, Clio, Communication Arts, ADC, and The One Show. 
As MMB’s Digital Director, Michelle oversees digital, social, and content initiatives across their client roster. 

Course Dates

JAN 25  –  1:00pm – 5:00pm



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580 Harrison Ave., #102

Boston, MA 02118

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