Decoding Programmatic

Fall 2017

What’s this course about?

As Programmatic buying continues to become a key component of the marketing mix, it’s more important that ever for marketers to become proficient in the ways in which audiences consume their media as well as the way advertising is bought.

In this course we’ll explore the evolution of programmatic advertising. This will include the history of Programmatic as well as overviews of key technologies like SSPs, DSPs, Ad Servers, Ad Networks, DMPs and Trading Desks. We’ll also review the different types of transactions like First price/ second price auctions, private marketplaces, preferred deals and programmatic direct.

We will then identify the relationships between the elements and illustrate the flow of real-time media through the “programmatic pipes.” Whether you are buying or selling programmatic media you need to understand inventory types and quality, data sources and audience segmentation, and the structure of the auction process and bidding.

Lastly we will cover the latest buzzwords related to programmatic buying such as brand safety, viewability, ad blockers, transparency and header bidding.


After this course, you will be able to:
·Demonstrate use of appropriate terminology for programmatic technologies and tools
·Strategically assess investments in programmatic solutions
·Make more effective decisions about programmatic media strategies and partners

Classroom Agenda and Course Content

Introduction: Evolution of Programmatic Advertising

Topics include: History of Programmatic, Ad Servers, Ad Networks, Paid Search, SSPs, DSPs, Exchanges, Trading Desks, DMPs, Benefits for Buyers and Sellers, Programmatic as Cross-Channel Solution

DSP Demonstration (MediaMath)

Automation, Campaign Process and Measurement Strategy

Topics include: Programmatic as Automation Software, Data Exchange, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data sources; Probabilistic & Deterministic Data Methods, Look-a-like Modeling, Planning & Forecasting Techniques, Deal Discovery, Dynamic Creative Personalization, Decentralized Data Flow, Optimization Best Practices, Reporting on user behavior cross-platform and attribution strategy

Case Study: Using programmatic tactics and technology to reach a specific target segment for a large international cosmetics brand

Workshop: Bring your own case studies/examples: Building a programmatic strategy

At the completion of the course, participants will all receive complimentary logins to over 40 e-learning videos on the Digilant University platform, which will reinforce many of the topics covered in this class.

Who will be teaching the course?

Katie Akhlopkava

Director of Product


Katie Akhlopkava is the Director of Product at Digilant, a global provider of programmatic ad buying solutions and services. In this role, Katie is responsible for the strategic development of the proprietary intelligence layer that sits on top of Digilant’s programmatic offerings, helping clients achieve complex campaign objectives.

Katie has over a decade of experience in all aspects of Digital Product Management and Marketing.  Prior to Digilant she worked for both B2B and B2C companies, including Kanda Software, Unipoint Technologies, and Ericsson. Katie has an MBA from Boston University.

Course Dates

DEC 07  –  1:00pm – 4:00pm



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