Social Media Analytics

How to Develop, Measure and Optimize Your Social Media Campaigns

Fall 2017

What’s this course about?

At this point, you likely have a social media presence. You are creating content for your website but you may not have a real sense of how it is performing.  You are on multiple social platforms without a clear goal in mind. And to complicate matters, you are not entirely sure which metric to look at when evaluating performance.

This class is designed to help you re-focus and simplify your digital marketing strategy through the lens of performance marketing.  We will also dive into the most under-utilized free analytics services that can be used to inform creation of your social media campaigns. It is broken up into two broad sections:

  • The first is a “how-to” guide on establishing a new framework to ground your social and content strategy.  This framework will allow for simplification as it relates to varied social platforms, new ad formats, multiple key metrics, and loads of data.
  • The second is a step-by-step guide on setting up your platforms to properly measure performance. These are the fundamentals that enable effective optimization of your social and content campaigns.

As an add-on, we will also dive into the most under-utilized free services that can be used to inform creation of your advertising campaigns.

Who will be teaching the course?

Chris Gil

Director, Social & Content Systems

Arnold Worldwide

Chris is the Director of the Performance Strategy team at Arnold. With a background in media buying, programmatic and advanced analytics, he works as a digital strategist helping to develop, measure and optimize digital media campaigns. He has worked on clients including Carnival Cruise Lines, CenturyLink, and University of Phoenix.

Jane Shclover

Manager, Social & Content Systems

Arnold Worldwide

Jane is a Manager in Arnold’s Social & Content Systems group working primarily on Santander Bank, Carnival Cruise Line, and CFP Board. With a background in Business and Mathematics, she supports the niche Digital Performance team in driving meaningful content system measurement across the digital space.

Course Dates

OCT 19  –  1:00pm – 5:00pm



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