Managing Up, Down & Sideways… And Coming Out on Top

Fall 2017

What’s this course about?

Managing people is the key to success at any job.  This highly interactive workshop will provide managers with the tools to effectively manage up, down and across to achieve greater productivity. Participants will develop an individual action plan to manage their relationships with their supervisors, achieve successful delegation, and manage across in a more productive way.

Course content will include:

Managing Up

  • Managing your supervisor and adding more value to your role
  • Identifying what kind of communication your supervisor needs 
  • Understanding the importance of being solution oriented 


  • Identifying the language and tone for successful delegation
  • Understanding the role of accountability and follow up
  • Using delegation as a tool to create individual opportunities for growth 

Managing Across

  • Identifying your communication style
  • Flexing your communication style to adapt to others
  • Influencing others and gaining respect
  • Providing constructive feedback and recognition


Course components include:

  • A communication styles assessment to determine your style and recognize the style of others
  • Discussion and role plays to flex your style and adapt to others 
  • Assessment of current tasks and tools to determine how to move things off your plate and delegate in a constructive way
  • A personal action plan to achieve a stronger working relationship with your supervisor and understand the fundamentals of managing up

Who will be teaching the course?

Denise Rosenblum

Founder & President

Dynamic Development

Denise Rosenblum is the President and Founder of Dynamic Development, a training company that specializes in developing employees to become stronger communicators, managers and leaders. Denise works with companies to create an environment where employees feel valued as a result of career development, training, feedback and coaching.

Denise has over 25 years of professional development and marketing experience having worked at global companies including McCann Erickson, Young and Rubicam, Hill Holliday and Arnold Worldwide.

Denise is a seasoned trainer, speaker, executive coach and an expert in communication skills, customer service and management and leadership development. She has excellent insight into people’s strengths and opportunities for growth.

Course Dates

OCT 4  –  9:30am – 4:30pm



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131 Dartmouth St.
Boston, MA

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