Pavarotti took singing lessons until the day he died. Truly brilliant people never stop learning. Here is a chance to hear from the greats in our industry while exchanging ideas and insights with your peers. And as Pavarotti would want it…wine will be served. We’ll meet from 2-5pm with networking following each session.

Social Media for the C-Suite:

Organizing your Team for Success Today & Tomorrow

About this course:

In the past few years, marketing, advertising, customer service, and CRM have all been turned upside down by the introduction and meteoric growth of social media. In this course, we’ll take a step back and look at the role social media plays in the lives of consumers, as well as its role in the building of brands. Then we’ll assess a variety of models for organizing corporate teams to achieve success in social media — along with an exercise to assess, evaluate, & optimize your own team structure.

About this instructor:

Orli leads social marketing strategy at 360i. Over the past eight years, she has spearheaded the agency’s social strategy for clients such as HBO, Target, and Pernod Ricard, working closely with 360i’s activation teams in Social Marketing, Creative, Influencer Marketing, Search and Media. To Orli, curiosity means never being afraid to explore new places, new people and new ideas in order to fuel exciting journeys and arrive at the best destination, both in life and in work.

Orli graduated from Brown University with a concentration in narrative and media theory, which has directly influenced her approach to uncovering insights, engaging consumers and telling stories in the social media space and elsewhere.

Before joining 360i, Orli lived in Prague for a number of years teaching English and covering fashion and style for several local magazines. She entered the world of advertising as an interactive copywriter. In her free time she enjoys running, cooking, eating, Pinteresting and most of all spending time with her two children.


DATE: Thursday, December 10th
TIME: 2:00pm-5:00pm
INSTRUCTOR: Orli LeWinter, VP, Social Marketing Strategy at 360i
LOCATION: The Ad Club, 22 Batterymarch, Boston
CONTACT: Molly Sullivan