Bring it {in-house}

The Ad Club collaborates with member organizations to develop training tailored to their unique workplace.

Is the talent in your organization facing an immediate challenge? Has a new initiative or reorganization forced you to find a new approach? Do you want to implement a new strategy to improve performance? The Ad Club can help you train to meet the needs of any type or size team.

We’ll work with you in four easy steps:

  • Discover your challenge and needs.
  • Design and customize a solution.
  • Develop the training and materials.
  • Deliver your solution and determine the results.

Step 1: Discover

Our professional development consultants meet with you to assess and understand business and performance goals.

Step 2: Design 

We develop a program design, outline and proposal for training services. For larger, university style programs, we develop a comprehensive curriculum map.

Step 3: Develop

The program is developed through close collaboration between our trainers, you and your team.

Step 4: Deliver 

The final step involves delivering the program and delivering results, determined through immediate and ongoing feedback. Contact us today to take the first step in launching your own in-house professional development program.

Interested in bringing it in-house? Contact Tom: | 617.519.3271


“As a member of an in-house creative agency, the Ad Club Professional Development classes are the perfect way to avoid any complacency, and continue to keep pushing myself to learn.”
– Neil Carroll Lead Account Manager, John Hancock

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