The 2017 Maven Awards

Strategic Use of Data

MullenLowe Mediahub for JetBlue

Faster Than You Think

Loyalty credit card advertising is predictable — the cluttered category is littered with celebrity TV endorsers and online banner ads stalking every shopping cart you ll and abandon. It all feels like a complex points game with no reward in sight. To break through with the new JetBlue Card, we knew we would need more than a pretty face and an empty promise.

Armed with many data points, an insight quickly stood out: 98% of Americans admit they don’t believe anything credit card companies say. We challenged ourselves to create an execution that used actual real-time data to stop talking about points and start demonstrating rewards. The JetBlue Card is a common-sense card; the point structure is simple and easy to understand, making it easy to collect and redeem travel bene ts just from using it on everyday purchases.

We developed an app using two APIs to create a complex rules engine. Our first data source tapped into Google’s mapping API to show the dynamic travel time needed to get from Times Square — where its first real-time billboard was stationed — to JFK, then marrying it to JetBlue’s proprietary route-planning software. Each flight simulation started at Times Square where the scenario would map travel through several NYC boroughs before projecting each theoretical customer’s arrival time at JFK. From there, the app would calculate the time needed to go through TSA and board a flight prior to the gates closing.

Through a partnership with Outfront, the experience launched on the redesigned dynamic digital unit above the ABC network headquarters and remained for a four-week period. For those too shy to enter a destination, we paused the “game” several times a day and provided codes that invited people to interact with JetBlue for a chance to win round-trip tickets to featured destinations.

Following a six-week campaign, the outcome garnered a 21% lift in card sign-ups from initial forecast. Additionally, the overall market interest in the JetBlue Card rose 6% after the execution was in market. The stunt earned more than just card sign-ups; JetBlue Card earned over 17MM media impressions, allowing the simplicity of the card’s use easy to understand beyond its live date.