The 2017 Maven Awards

Rising Star

Devon Emmerich

Digital Media Planner,

Devon has evolved from Junior Planner to CMO presenter quicker than you can say “media plan!” Her curiosity and must-do attitude drives her to understand and improve on the ins and outs of complex multi-channel digital campaigns. Devon started on the buying side of digital, executing paid social and display campaigns but rapidly expanded her knowledge into video, rich media, and native channels. She eagerly jumped into planning, building strategic decks for new campaign initiatives and making our digital plans smarter by leveraging audience buying. She now is leading planning and buying for four major initiatives on one of our largest and growing clients.

Devon’s attention to detail and passion for analytics and performance has resulted in identifying key insights for our clients that
led to strong KPI-driving optimizations. She is responsible for outlining all tracking and tagging strategies from campaign parameters to traf cking structure to tag testing and report QA, all which contribute to our ability to deliver robust reporting for our clients.

She also contributes greatly to our team’s morale, always putting her positive and passionate spirit front and center. She has an infectious sense of humor and is quick with a joke to lighten up a stressful day. Her big heart and approachable demeanor is key for driving collaboration between the teams. The combination of her positive attitude and smart thinking has gained the trust of her clients and her coworkers, making her an invaluable member of the agency!