The 2017 Maven Awards

Pro Bono/Nonprofit Activation

CTP for Save The Children

Nursery Rhymes

The goal of this campaign was to raise money for children in need. We were dealing with limited budgets and a highly cluttered, sea-of-sameness market. To stand out and drive results, we needed a strong concept and hard-working execution. We needed to identify a universal theme and make a visceral connection. Something users could all relate to, and tie back to their own childhood—their own children.

We landed on nursery rhymes. We all know these famous nursery rhymes by heart. Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Ring Around The Rosie. Rock-A-Bye Baby. The rst chords stir fond memories. Inherent feelings of safety, security, and innocence.

But this campaign hijacks childhood itself by juxtaposing the lyrics and music of these well-known nursery rhymes against the stark realities of children living in war-torn countries—showing their lost innocence and desperate need for our help.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat juxtaposes a child refugee eeing their war torn country in a lifeboat, against the lyrics “Life is but a dream”. A child in Syria whose home has been reduced to rubble gives new context to ”Ashes to ashes, we all fall down”.

Our media plan needed to be surgically-targeted to build awareness, yet effectively drive donations for Save’s most important fundraising season with high- impact media reaching users who have displayed a past interest or behavior online in non-pro t using a full funnel approach.

Programmatic partners were tested to adequately ll the prospecting cookie pool at scale to re-market against for ef cient conversions. Optimizations were ongoing.

Awareness and direct response tactics were put into play. Video executions and carousel units rotated on paid and owned social media Twitter, YouTube, Google+. STC donor list look-alike audiences were created on Facebook & Instagram.

First-ever Amazon non-pro t brand page was developed; custom-rich media and dynamic product retargeting ads ran throughout 4th quarter during holiday season.

This campaign is so unique and powerful because it started with a simple, viscerally powerful concept, which connects with people on a very basic, inherently human level.

Not only was this campaign powerful from conceptual and emotional standpoints with 270K+ views and a 97% video completion rate (vs. channel average 57%). But it also drove their highest-ever donation amounts, generating a 3x higher conversions (vs. YAG) and 268% increase in ROI (vs. 2016) with a combined reach of 20MM in just six weeks.