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Trilia for Dunkin’ Donuts

Waze Order Ahead featuring Dunkin’ Donuts On The Go Mobile Ordering

Waze and Dunkin’ Donuts partnered to save consumers time both on the road and in line by connecting the Dunkin’ Donuts’ On The Go Mobile Ordering system to Waze. Before hitting the road, drivers need only to search their preferred DD location within Waze and tap the “Order Ahead” button to launch the Dunkin’ Donuts in-app ordering experience for that store. Waze Order Ahead is one example of how the navigation app can personalize the driving experience for its users while creating a new opportunity for brands to further engage their fans within the context of a drive.

The launch of Waze Order Ahead featuring Dunkin’ Donuts On The Go Mobile Ordering focused on tech-savvy consumers within the US who value convenience and time. 100% of Wazers are in the car and accessing technology to outsmart traf c. The Waze campaign targeted drivers headed to work as well as like-minded consumers searching for “coffee” and “Dunkin’” on the app.

To promote the integration to users, Waze pinned participating DD locations, delivered Zero-Speed Takeovers to drivers whose routes passed through participating store location radiuses, and accessed users’ in-app searches for “Dunkin’” or “coffee.” Dunkin’ Donuts’ ad creative asked users to save a how-to video to their Waze Inbox to watch once they completed their drive. Additional DD media encouraged user engagement via a “Remind Me” call-to-action, which sent an informative inbox message about the feature to each Wazer along with a follow- up push noti cation for those opted in.

Dunkin’ Donuts is committed to identifying and leveraging the best technologies to meet the needs of their busy, on- the-go customers. They know that customers value their time and want to allow guests to purchase DD food and beverages as quickly and conveniently as possible. As they delve more into the mobile space, DD looks for ways to enhance their mobile app and continue to provide guests with even more convenient options.

Consumers receive more messaging than ever so Dunkin’ Donuts is always looking for fun and interesting opportunities in the digital world that not only inform them about their products, but also keep them excited about and engaged with the brand.

Waze leveraged mobile media’s ability to reach people in the micro- moment, when they’re searching for nearby solutions. In addition to presenting consumers with the option to drive to their nearby Dunkin’, Waze & DD created a rst of-its kind location-based ordering functionality that perfectly blended real- world behaviors with mobile media

Dunkin’ Donuts’ On The Go Mobile Ordering ads have performed 300% better than the standard Perks Download App ads proving the value of integrated brand experiences in the native environment. DD’s Order Ahead campaign received 1.4B impressions in earned media, starting with an Associated Press exclusive.