The 2017 Maven Awards

Creative Use of 
Audio Messaging

LogMeIn for Join.Me Hold Music

Previously had released fun hold music to entertain our users while they waited for a conference call to begin. We knew that the industry standard of wordless elevator music or annoying beeps was boring, so we decided in 2016 to add two additional genres of music, reggae and country. Both songs have lyrics that make waiting for a call to begin entertaining and enjoyable.

Our audio music is available to all customers. They can pick which of our three options they would like to use when their meeting participants are waiting for the call to start. Our lyrics for if waiting for a meeting to start are Jamaican you crazy, you’ll love the cool reggae sounds of “Time to Connect.” Cowboy boots and big hats more your style? Then our country anthem “WFH” is the tune for you! And don’t worry, if you’re a funk fan at heart we still have our original tune available. Whatever your preference, our fun hold music makes the waiting game less of a drag!

Our hold music has consistently ranked as the most commented blog post, top product feature mentioned on social, and the overall top marketing feedback outside of customer care/support. We have seen an overwhelmingly positive response to the music with comments like “As a creative director I am constantly trying to get my clients to do things like this. Thanks for having the f***ing balls/ ovaries to go through with it. Brilliant!”; “When you nd that #FridayMotivation in your @joinme hold music…” “Demo sell cocreate. Train or collaborate… shows work who’s boss”; “@joinme The “you’re late, or you’re early” lyrics in your hold music gives me pure joy. Thank you for making meetings more enjoyable.”; “I’ve never had hold music make me laugh out loud, so kudos :)”