The 2016 Maven Awards

Media All Star

Seb Maitra, Trilia

As EVP, Analytics, he excels at this, bringing an incredibly thoughtful and analytical approach to his work.  His high performing analytics plans has helped ensure growth beyond much higher spending competitors.  One of his major clients achieved the top quadrant of growth and profitability exceeding all major players for 3 years running, despite being outspent multiple times over.

“Seb stands out among media professionals because of his extensive client business knowledge, his understanding of the intricacies of the ever evolving media landscape, and his willingness to share this knowledge in collaboration with media partners to achieve desired results for clients” (Lynne Montesanto-WSJ)

Three years ago Seb spread his wings to use his analytical brain to grow and scale Trilia’s analytics practice. Seb identified people, tools and data that help clients continue to grow and thrive in this data-heavy environment we are now all living in.  His work in the area of analytics has been critical to our ability to compete with other bigger media shops. Seb’s approach to analytics is about asking why? or how? or who? and then answering those questions. With his background in planning, he has a unique understanding of the challenges planners face and the need for quick, understandable solutions. Under Seb’s leadership, the analytics team has gone from validating the plans to being intrinsically involved from beginning to end of the process, even influencing creative messaging.