The 2016 Maven Awards

Content / Native

Partners+Simons for American International Group, Inc.

Our target audience of senior executive/business leaders is notoriously difficult to reach via traditional advertising platforms. They are hungry for knowledge and information that is useful for their business.  However, they are time-starved and, given the amount of information available to them, it is extremely difficult to get their attention.

Given this and the limited budget, our strategy was to select a single media partner that could deliver our target audience at scale and help to translate AIG’s IoT whitepaper content into an interactive communication experience that was unique, compelling and thought-provoking.  One that sparked the interest and attention of our C-Level business target and got them thinking about the potential impact and possibilities of IoT as it relates to his/her business. This partner also needed to be highly-recognizable and trusted to create a halo-effect from which the AIG brand could benefit.

The New York Times T Brand Studio team was the perfect fit to deliver on all of the above. They have a strong history of creating compelling custom content in a way that best resonates with their readers.  And thus, the NYT/AIG’s “Sensing the Next Wave” Paid Post was born.

The article content features the impact and potential of connected devices on multiple industries (autonomous cars, transportation, construction, energy and manufacturing to name a few) and includes interactive visual animations to help to convey the story quickly and effectively.  AIG’s brand association positions them as an IoT leader, helping to make the world safer and more efficient.