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UNICEF: No Bedtime Story


The Cannes Lion Grand Prix for Good winning animation series, ‘Unfairy Tales’, depicts the heartbreaking plight of Syrian refugees through the eyes of children. The true stories bring to life the horrors the children are escaping, and the danger and uncertainty they face. It’s impossible to be unaffected by the ‘tales’. Nicholas Ledner, UNICEF and Steve Larkin, 180LA will share the story behind the campaign and discuss its effectiveness at promoting positive perceptions of the millions of refugee children around the world. #actofhumanity 

About Nicholas Ledner

Nicholas Ledner is a social media marketing professional and creative who has spent the past 6 years with UNICEF heavily invested in the following:  creating and bringing high quality ideas to life for UNICEF social media channels that generate significant earned media, break records, and win awards; collaborating with UNICEF offices globally (and production companies) to create high performing online content and interactive experience, partnering with countless agencies, artists, academics, influencers, and companies for initiatives that help procure new social fan bases; helping to substantially grow global social media communities through new creative approaches and strategic outreach strategies, devising & supporting the creation of social media campaigns with low budgets, executing smart approaches to social media plans and buys (such as FB & Twitter ads), and utilizing social media tools to leverage new forms of data and insights.

He ensures value with each new project taken on, maximizing ROI under fast moving circumstances.  He also manages a global internal knowledge sharing community, Digital Labs, focused on social media and online content at UNICEF where he: creates training materials, devises and executes webinars, writes

Since the age of 16, Nicholas has been interested in advertising, having interned for his cousin’s agency, 22 Squared, based in Atlanta GA.  He graduated with a degree in advertising from the University of Georgia and has been working in New York for the past 7 years.  He likes to travel, visit the beach, and play sports.  He also has worked and gone on missions to places like:  Iraq, Burundi, Namibia, Jamaica, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, and more.