Colleen Leddy

Head of Communications Strategy, 


Colleen Leddy leads the Communications Strategy team at Droga5. This team works across all Droga5 brands to bring media thinking up front in the creative process, helping to drive more effective communications ideas vs. creative assets and media plans.

Before joining Droga5, Colleen was at BBH New York, leading Engagement Planning across brands like Google Chrome, Cole Haan, The Guardian, Tiffany’s and Levi’s.  Work that Colleen has touched has been recognized by Cannes Lions, Effies, Jay Chiat Awards, The One Show, IAB Mixx and the Webbys. “Dear Sophie,” a spot that was part of Google Chrome’s “The Web Is What You Make of It” campaign (and features the house Colleen grew up in), was selected as Time’s 2011 Commercial of the Year.

Colleen started her career at PHD, learning the basics of media planning and buying, and often draws upon that foundation in her role at Droga5.

After growing up in North Haven, CT, Colleen minored in Italian at Penn State, even after realizing that she already knew everything she needed to know about the language—namely, how to pronounce mozzarella, ricotta, manicotti and pasta fagioli correctly. Her choice to major in advertising was inspired by her childhood love of Angela Bower’s career as a high-powered advertising executive in Who’s the Boss?