Brandon Miller

Group Media Director,

Carmichael Lynch

Love Story: Subaru and Partners Take the High Road

Not all marketing partnerships are effective or enduring. The best collaborations are focused on reinforcing brand values, like Subaru’s connection to the great outdoors and its zero-landfill initiative. Carmichael Lynch, long-time AOR, and Chimani, mobile app pioneer, joined forces to bring mobile innovation to the brand by providing enhanced experiences around National Park visits, from trip planning to VR. A new focus includes reducing waste, saving money and resources in time to celebrate the National Park Centennial birthday bash!

About Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller is a digital media professional leading a team of six and currently acts as the principle digital lead at Carmichael Lynch on behalf of their biggest client, Subaru of America. During Brandon’s 9 years with Carmichael Lynch, he has been fortunate to work with great clients across multiple categories, pushing boundaries on both the art & science sides of marketing, and to get award-winning work done while achieving strong business results.