Thank you for joining us at Media Innovation Day, where we explored how social sharing has impacted media. Explore the photos and conversations that were SHARED throughout the day.


Media Innovation Day 9.19.13
The Hynes Convention Center  //  900 Boylston Street 

11:30-12:30 Registration & Lunch

12:25 Opening Remarks
Kathy Kiely //
President, The Ad Club

12:30: The End of Big
Nicco Mele // Founder, EchoDitto, Writer, Forecaster

It’s over. Big Government, big politics, big media, business, education and news are all seeing their power bases erode. Nicco Mele argues the point quite convincingly in his new book, The End of Big. Technology, especially digital and social platforms, is driving this cultural revolution, giving a voice and power to individuals, resulting in massive changes to our lives and economy. Organizations that embrace this trend will succeed. Yet for all its benefits, this more democratic world may have some unintended consequences. Nicco will share his view of the future and its impact on us all.

1:00 Hollywood: Making Movie Magic
Megan Colligan // President, Marketing & Distribution, Paramount Pictures

The making of a movie is just the beginning. Opening at the right time, to the right audience, and creating positive fan buzz are powerful contributors to success. Watching a movie is no longer only a passive entertainment experience confined to the multiplex. Fans want to be part of the movie-making team and take to the blogosphere to share their passionate and partisan opinions. From World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, to the uber-successful Transformers and Star Trek franchises, Megan will share how the power of social buzz can and does translate at the box office. The stars, directors and producers are all in on the action.

1:30 Building a Sharable Brand
Lee Maicon // Senior Vice President, Insights & Strategy, 360i

As social media usage continues to skyrocket, being a sharable brand and creating great content has become more critical than ever for standing out – and more challenging. At this year’s Super Bowl, 360i set the gold standard for content marketing when the agency and its client Oreo published a timely blackout tweet that quickly became one of the most talked about and most shared moments of advertising’s biggest night. Lee will reveal how they pulled it off and discuss how to create a foundation for becoming a sustainable and inherently sharable brand.

2:00 Break

2:15 TV: Watching from the Big Couch…
Fred Graver // Head of TV, Twitter

…with the creators, talent and fans. That’s what its like to join the conversation swirling around your favorite show with the Twitter platform as your live-TV companion. Just when you thought appointment TV was history, it’s new again emerging as an enhanced experience – a social one you can share with friends, strangers, and stars who are live-tweeting…and the producers, writers and marketers who also want to be part of the conversation. Fred, a veteran TV executive, producer and writer, will share the interesting opportunities that are emerging.

2:45 Google Glass: A wink and a smile
Mike DiGiovanni // Emerging Technology Leader, Roundarch Isobar

Wearable technology has proved its value with Bluetooth, Nike Fuelband and Jawbone. Glass is the next thing and the momentum is building. Always on is now a reality and hands free, voice activated technology is mainstream (thank you Siri!). Now we have ‘Winky’. Mike, a Google Glass Explorer, will share his experience with the revolutionary new platform and the development of his app, Winky. Beyond taking photos with the wink of an eye, and looking pretty cool, he’s found lots of practical uses for Google Glass.

3:15 The Entertainment Experience
Brian Hunt // Head of Creative Development, Original Programming // Yahoo!

With the marketplace changing dramatically, allocation of resources has become more challenging for brand marketers. Consumers are driving the changes and they have come to expect personalization and choice in media and entertainment. Tailoring your message and integrating it in original content engages people within their environment. Compelling original video programming based on users’ interests is driving the migration to digital. Brian will share some examples of how brands are successfully integrated into content and social sharing.

3:45 Coffee Break

4:30 The Media Maven Awards
Emcee: Kate Merrill // News Anchor, WBZ-TV

Honoring the most innovative Media Buyers and Planners in New England. The awards represent the very best media campaigns, plans, and ideas, as well as the people, agencies, and brands responsible for bringing them to life.

5:30 Closing Remarks & Cocktails




Blog, tweet, snap, check-in, post, update, chat, connect. The tools may come and go, but the basic concept is here to stay. Share. Pass the word.

Join us at Media Innovation Day 2013 as we explore how social sharing has revolutionized media. Sharing has broken down the barriers between the decision makers and the influencers. It has reshaped our relationships and exposed our secrets. It has allowed businesses, governments and individuals to join real-time conversations, make adjustments, and get closer to the intended audience.

With this passion to share and remain relevant, consequences are inevitable. Personal privacy and security is sacrificed, yet the benefits of our sharing world and economy continue to outweigh the risks.

Or do they?



Since its inception, the Annual Media Maven Awards has sought to honor and recognize those media plans and professionals that have the creativity and curiosity to rethink everything media within the New England marketing and advertising community.

As the culmination of Media Innovation Day, the awards represent the very best media campaigns, plans, and ideas, as well as the people, agencies, and brands responsible for bringing them to life. Voted on by some of the top marketing and media executives in the country, ranging from traditional to digital, multi-cultural to B2B, all-star to rising star, and exemplify the standards for creating, planning, and executing effective media initiatives.