Executive | Boston

Bachelors | Professional Experience: 1 year
Willing to relocate: Yes

I graduated from the University of Vermont (Go Cats Go) in May with a degree in public communications with a focus on digital marketing.  From the summer of 2017 through my senior year at UVM I interned with a local Boston biotech startup working B2B and digital marketing efforts.  I was tasked to boost key partnerships and to help promote the company’s brand in the eyes of potential investors, partners, and employees. By doing so my job specifics included: aiding a website redesign, create and maintain contact database, curate content to populate our social platforms, build and manage social platform presence, and promote strategic partnerships through press releases and email newsletters.

During my sophomore, junior and senior years at UVM I also had the opportunity to be one of 30 national participants in a multi-year social media internship with Barstool Sports, a New York-based (formerly Boston) pop/sports culture media company.  My responsibilities included founding and running the UVM branch Twitter account, video content creation for UVM’s athletic teams, promote the Barstool brand, and create Instagram and Snapchat platforms for the UVM branch.  Growth included monthly impressions of 100k on both Twitter and Instagram.  My position held many hats, including activating influential communities for contributing content and extending reach; engaging with national sponsorship campaigns and recruiting/managing a team of students for operations and support. 

So here I am just starting out my career journey and am looking for an opportunity to learn more, do more, ideate more and be more!

Matthew Werner

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