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Senior Copywriter | Product

Posted by: Brithney Joseph
Boston, MA | Senior Level | Agency Side

You’ve been a writer for a while. You make work that helps make clients successful. Work that makes clients want to work with you. You’ve won awards, but you’re equally motivated by the REwards that come from creating work that makes an impact on the world. You want to be a leader. You can write headlines for days and scripts for even more days. You know digital and social and radio and video. Everything you write sounds like a writer wrote it, including texts to your parents. You can make people laugh but that’s not all you do. You make people cry and think and wonder and want more and buy stuff. You help out. You always want the best project but you’ll do the worst one if that’s what it takes. You’re driven. You want your idea to win and when it doesn’t, you’re a little annoyed about it. But no one knows that. You jump right into the winning idea and write all the body copy for it, knowing that the next time, your teammates will do the same for you. You want to be a CD someday. You want to teach young creatives and learn from old ones. You think you know everything, but you know you probably don’t. That means you have confidence but aren’t (too) cocky. Art directors line up to work with you and there’s nothing you love more than a good art director. You want to produce more work. You want to win more awards. You want to make more work that makes more money for clients. You’re ready to be a leader. We want to talk to you.

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