Scott Millen

Managing Partner & Creative Principal

2 Fish Company, LLC


A BFA graduate of Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI, Scott Millen is Managing Parter and Creative Principal of 2 Fish Company, LLC, a Zeeland, Michigan based creative marketing consultancy. As such, he wields the red pen of truth, and ruminates on the “next big thing” (what to have for dinner). In addition to being a husband and father, he also collects EZ Bake Ovens, ponders the work of Julian Koenig and grinds coffee beans for use in beverages. Others may wish to speak on how he has been lauded with awards and accolades, such as being published in Print, and GD:USA, winning Addy’s and being named a Person to Watch in 2005 (and soon in 2019) in the aforementioned GD:USA, but Scott is shy and retiring, and poo-pooh’s such attention.

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