Mark Sorensen

Partner & CD

Seed Factory


Mark Sorensen has well over 3 months of experience in Advertising. If you want to know more exact numbers than that, you’ll have to count his grey hairs. He swears there’s one for every day he’s been an agency owner at Seed Factory, but not many from when he was enjoying life as an art director at other agencies. His career has mostly been spent in Minneapolis and Atlanta with some freelance on both coasts. His work has been featured in the usual places—from Communications Arts annuals to The One Show.

At Seed Factory, he combines his entrepreneurial spirit with his creative penchant and competitiveness to drive the agency forward. He is responsible for the quality of creative output, as well as trying to ensure that his clients and teams feel a bit of happiness or pride in their work every day.

Outside of agency life, he has an addiction to motorcycles, mountain biking, volleyball and his wife. Often you will find the them with their two dogs, or volunteering for animal rescue organizations in the Atlanta area.

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