Germán Rivera Hudders

Senior Creative



I was born and raised in paradise, a.k.a. Puerto Rico. Which means I have a great understanding of reggaetón , and no understanding of seasons.

When I was 19, a Starbucks commercial, Glen , convinced me that advertising was probably a lot more fun than architecture. I immediately switched majors, marking the start of my advertising career as well as the start of many more questionable decisions.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Advertising, I spent three years at Puerto Rico’s top digital agency, Pixelogic, back when Facebook was often called “the future” instead of “somewhere for moms to overshare about their children.”

Eventually I decided to move to Miami and attend Miami Ad School. As part of my Copywriting program I did a three-month internship in Amsterdam at Beyenmeyer followed by another internship in Spain at McCann. It was during this time that I experienced the worst breakup of my life: leaving my true love, Spain.

Finally, I moved to New York to work as a copywriter for Droga5. There I met a lot of talented people, learned a whole lot, had my best and worst productions, won some awards and eventually asked myself “Am I good or is it just the agency?” so I decided to find out.

In a leap of faith, my art director and I decided to take a job at an agency called Bullish, where we would be the first full-time creative team aside from our Creative Directors. Two years later, we had built a 90’s hip-hop cab for Nike and Fat Joe, produced our first Super Bowl spot, and a 2 minute period film about the first economic bubble in the Netherlands. So, I guess it wasn’t just the agency…

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