Blaine Loyd

Creative Director



Twenty years ago, Blaine didn’t know copywriter was an actual job title. At the time, he was focused on touring the southeast with his band because they were definitely going to be the next Beatles. While working a day job at, he met a group of agency creatives at a bar across the street — and subsequently found his tribe. So he quit the band and the day job and set off on a world tour of basically every ad agency in Memphis, Tennessee.

Along the way, Blaine honed his craft in nearly every medium from print to television, digital, apps, social, radio and direct mail. He created award-winning integrated campaigns for clients in a wide array of categories including consumer, retail, nonprofit, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, financial and medical. That variety of skills and experiences opened doors and landed him a gig in Dallas, Texas, as a Creative Director for TracyLocke.

Blaine’s currently dedicated to T-Mobile, but lucky enough to have worked on brands like FedEx, Pepsi, HGTV, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Cotton Inc., American Lung Association and more. When not working, he eats way too many carbs, listens to murder podcasts and teaches his daughter to be better than him at everything, especially guitar.

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