Chris Beresford-Hill

Executive Creative Director, EVP, BBDO New York

Chris is an Executive Creative Director, EVP at BBDO New York, where he leads the Foot Locker, Guinness, and accounts, with his partner Dan Lucey. He previously held posts at Saatchi NY, Goodby, Silverstein SF, and Modernista!, in Boston.

One of his Foot Locker campaigns, featuring Manny Pacquiao baiting Floyd Mayweather, reopened talks between the boxers’ camps, and is widely considered the main reason the Fight of the Century finally happened.

His Guinness film, “Wheelchair Basketball,” was covered by Good Morning America the day after it first aired; it was also named one of TED’s Ten Ads Worth Spreading, and received the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s Visionary Leadership award. 

His digital short in support of marriage equality, Devin & Glenn, landed on the front page of the Huffington Post, and TIME magazine named his 2007 Emerald Nuts spot, ”Boogeyman,” the best Super Bowl ad of the decade. 

Chris has won a bunch of creative awards, and been featured on a bunch of lists, and even one list about creative awards.