About The Brandathon

How The Brandathon Works

Step 1

The Startups

Eligible startups submit a short application, explaining what they do and why they could use some branding help.

Call for entries open now.

Step 2

The Agencies

The agencies will be matched with one of their preferred startups, and will then have three weeks to create a personalized rebranding campaign.

Step 3

The Judges

The agencies will present their final brand campaign to a panel of CMOs, live on stage.

Pitch Event will take place this fall. Date to be announced. Check back or sign up for our mailing list for updates.

Interested in entering Brandathon?
Make sure you meet the following criteria.

  • Must have under 25 full-time employees
  • Must have under 10MM in funding
  • Must be past prototype phase (ready to launch or already in market)
  • There is no cap on revenue or profits
  • Startups can be pre-revenue
  • Must be based in the New England region
  • If you are chosen for a rebrand, a representative from your startup is required to attend the Match Event in Boston.

Startups that have entered Brandathon in previous years are welcome to enter again, as long as they were not matched with an agency and did not receive a rebrand.

What do I need to enter?

Simply fill out our online application with the required information. Tell us about what your startup does and the problem it solves. You can show us what your current branding looks like, or tell us why you need an agency’s help.

Okay I submitted my startup. Now what?

The top startups will be presented to the agencies and be eligible to receive a rebrand. The number of startups selected will depend on the number of participating agencies.

How do startups end up getting matched with an agency?

The agencies will review the top entries and chose the startups that they feel they can best rebrand. At a private Match Event, we will announce the agency-startup pairings.

I still have some questions that you haven’t answered!

Reach out to Blake at blake@adclub.org and she can help answer any outstanding questions or concerns.