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The Ad Club sits at the intersection of marketing and technology. However, if you are on foot, we are between Milk Street and Water Street, in the Financial District. This is where our podcast lives, broadcasting hot topics related to marketing, technology, and creativity.

Episode Fifteen - December 2020

"For every hour a doctor spends with a patient, they spend 2 hours documenting about that patient."

Brenda Hodge, CMO, Nuance Communications

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In this episode Brenda Hodge, CMO, Nuance Communications speaks about healthcare marketing, trends in health and wellness, and specifically, physician burnout and the patient experience. Like many of our Vital Signs speakers, Nuance has been forced to innovate at the speed of light in a rapidly shifting environment amidst the global pandemic. Fortunately, Nuance is built on a culture of innovation and you’ll hear more about that in this episode.


Episode Fourteen - July 2020

"We're at a tipping point here. We're not going back... And it represents hope that we can change this."

Lisa Hughes, Journalist & Anchor, WBZ-TV

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In this episode Lisa Hughes, Journalist & Anchor, WBZ-TV shares some advice for aspiring journalists and the common thread that runs through her personal and professional life.

Episode Thirteen - July 2020

"Covid-19 has really exposed the inequity in healthcare services based on race and ethnicity."

Kate Walsh, President & CEO, Boston Medical Center

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In times of crisis, it’s important to fall back on your values and for Boston Medical Center, that means exceptional care without exception. Hear Kate Walsh, President and CEO discuss how this thinking has led her and her team through the COVID-19 pandemic, while simultaneously embracing telehealth and reaching past the medical encounter with their patients. 

Episode Twelve - June 2020

"Now is the time to get this right. Be bold!"

Tanisha Sullivan, Associate General Counsel, Industrial Affairs, Sanofi Genzyme; President, NAACP Boston

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Tanisha Sullivan is on a mission to eliminate systemic racism and has been the President of the NAACP Boston since 2016, but her journey began when she was only 6 years old. Hear how Tanisha’s parents ignited her passion for economic equality and educational equity, the influence it has had on her career and how she is leading two teams through a global pandemic and racial unrest.

Episode Eleven - Feb 2020

Capital One is filling hundreds of job openings in Boston with a conviction that diversity matters.

Brian McMahon, Head of Risk, Audit and Finance Technology, Capital One

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In this episode Brian McMahon, Head of Risk, Audit and Finance Technology of Capital One, discusses the balancing act of finding the top talent in a tech category not known for its diversity. A tough mission but they’re on it.

Join us for more discussion around diversity and inclusion at The 2020 Women’s Leadership Forum: Eyes Wide Open on March 26th. Purchase your tickets today! Go to

Episode Ten - Sep 2019

"Creating meaningful brands has to begin with meaningful media."

Greg James, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Havas Media Group

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This episode of Between Milk & Water is actually between 22nd and 23rd street— our first podcast from New York. Join Greg James as we discuss his unique path from the theater world to the media world, where he pioneers a new engagement methodology, MX, for Havas.

Episode Nine - Apr 2019

Boston's Champion of Change

Paul English, Co-Founder, Lola

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With The Rosoff Awards on May 20th, we’re thrilled to have a conversation with Paul English, founder of King Boston and travel sites, Kayak and Lola. A Bostonian since birth, Paul is passionate about both our city and diversity. He understands that diversity and inclusion must be more than a checkbox for business; it’s an imperative for any company that wants to succeed in a changing world. With King Boston, Paul’s pivotal work in economic and educational progress is driven by the question, what would Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta be focused on if they were living in Boston today?

Episode Eight - Mar 2019

Shift Happens.

Kelly Fredrickson, President, MullenLowe Boston

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Continuing our focus on female leadership, we sit with Kelly Fredrickson, President of MullenLowe Boston. Hear how early shifts in her personal life emboldened her career choices and made for a seismic shift in her approach to leadership.

Episode Seven - Feb 2019

Dough: The Constant Ingredient in a Successful Career

Kate Jaspon, CFO of Dunkin' Brands

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Our focus on female leadership brings us to a fascinating conversation with the CFO of Dunkin’ Brands, Kate Jaspon. Growing up one town over from the very first Dunkin’ shop, little did she know she’d someday be on the floor of the NASDAQ taking Dunkin’ Brands public. Kate talks of her seismic successes—and surprises— overseeing dough in the male-dominated world of international business.

Episode Six - Feb 2019

From Changing Careers to Changing Diapers to a Complete Change of Plans: Kiran Smith is the Mother of Reinvention.

Kiran Smith, CEO, Arnold Worldwide

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Continuing our focus on female leadership, we sit with Kiran Smith, CEO of Arnold Worldwide. Shifting from a computer science degree to an MBA, marketing in a multitude of industries, and pivoting from brand to agency—all with three young daughters at home—Kiran is no stranger to “seismic shifts”. 

Episode Five - Jan 2019

Leading Through Change

Marianne Harrison, President and CEO, John Hancock

Barbara Goose, CMO, John Hancock

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As we gear up for The Women’s Leadership Forum entitled “Seismic Shifts,” we sit with two of Boston’s top executives, Marianne Harrison, John Hancock’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and Barbara Goose, their Chief Marketing Officer, who have had more than their share of seismic shifts — both personally and professionally. Listen as they discuss how they’ve led through major change.

The Ad Club extends a huge thank you to our Presenting Partner, John Hancock, for their continued support of The Women’s Leadership Forum.

Episode Four - Jan 2019

How Was That Hatched?

Sue DeSilva, Executive Creative Director, Digitas

Arielle Mulgrew, Social Content Writer, MullenLowe U.S.

Liam Shannon, Executive Creative Director, Aetna

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Listen in as the Gold winners of the 2018 Hatch Awards discuss how top creative leaders in Boston generate winning campaigns for their clients and what winning traits they look for when hiring creative talent.

Episode Three - Dec 2018

Getting Personal and Hyper Personal with Our Favorite Unicorn.

Jodi Robinson, President, Digitas, North America

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Join Jodi Robinson as we discuss her personal history, some hyper-personal marketing campaigns and her continued hunt for unicorns as she celebrates her 20th anniversary at Digitas.

Episode Two - Dec 2018

“It takes a village” and other thoughts on winning through creativity, curiosity, and risk taking.

George Sargent, President Boston, Havas Media Group

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Take a listen as George Sargent discusses how brands can still be meaningful to consumers and how creativity and curiosity are the common traits of the Havas Village hot shots.

Episode One - Dec 2018

MullenLowe Mediahub is on fire and John Moore is in the hot seat.

John Moore, Global President, MullenLowe Mediahub

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John Moore, Global President of MullenLowe Mediahub, Adweek Executive of the Year, 2017 Media Agency of the Year, Boston Magazine Top 100 Influencers, ( FYI, he was ahead of Jeff Bezos ) and Lion winner sat still for 31 minutes, and 27 seconds as we launched “Between Milk and Water” the first of what promises to be an engaging podcast series focused on all of the hot topics and cool people that are driving our industry.

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