Developing and Leading

High-Performing Teams

Spring 2017

What’s this course about?

In today’s corporate environment, Marketing is accountable for contributing to the bottom line more than ever before. As a result, high-performing teams within the Marketing discipline play a critical role in a company’s overall success. 

As a high-performing team’s leader, the opportunity to make greatness happen is as vital as it is energizing.

This class will focus on making teams more effective and productive by focusing on the core principles of strong team-building and leadership.  We’ll discuss the importance of open, honest communication; ways to successfully deal with conflict and gain agreement; and, how to build on the strengths of each team member.

Each person will leave this class with an understanding of their own style, how to read others’ styles, and an action plan for how their team can function more effectively.

Topics to be covered in this class include:

  • Hiring the right people for your team
  • Adapting your style to the styles of others
  • Valuing the motivations and mindsets of others
  • Identifying the characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Measuring team performance to ensure accountability

Who will be teaching the course?

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Boston Children’s Hospital

EVP, Group Account Director

Hill Holliday

Course Date

MAY 10  –  9:30am – 4:30pm



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131 Dartmouth St.

Boston, MA 02116

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