Creative Concepts – Summer

July 11, 2017 – August 29, 2017
This 8-week course will explore the building blocks critical to creating the big idea, the foundation for every meaningful dialogue between brands and customers.


Developing Digital Marketing Strategies

July 25, 2017
In this course, we’ll explore a high-level overview of the strategic process, diving deeper into how the intersection of consumers and technology has created a shift in what target audiences now want, need, and expect.


Managing Up, Down & Sideways

October 5, 2017
This highly interactive workshop will provide managers with the tools to effectively manage up, down and across to achieve greater productivity.



“A key factor in employee retention is feeding the brain with new ideas, new insights. The Ad Club professional development is a great resource for inspiring people.”
Trudy Almquist, CFO, PARTNERS+simons
“As an in-house Creative department, we want to stay ahead of the competition. One way we do that is to keep our team learning and expanding their thinking through Ad Club courses.”
Derrick Wood, VP Global Creative Director, Staples
“The Ad Club Professional Development is important to me, to keep folks on their game and to nurture future talent.”
Bill Fox, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Communications + Advertising