Developing and Leading High-Performing Teams

May 10, 2017
This class will focus on making teams more effective and productive by building on the strengths of each team member and understanding the core principles of strong team-building and leadership. We’ll explore the importance of open, honest communication as we practice ways to successfully deal with conflict and gain agreement.


Creative Account Management

June 14, 2017 – August 23, 2017
This course is designed for entry-level account people at external and in-house agencies. The assumption underlying the course is that account people must be a key part of the strategic and creative process and that effective account folks who have a point of view drive agency excellence.


Copywriting Essentials

June 28, 2017
This full-day workshop covers essentials of persuasive writing and includes hands-on exercises, critique, and practical problem-solving. We analyze what works and what doesn’t. We cover techniques to get the most out of strategies, make concepting more productive, drafts stronger, and the final product harder working.



“A key factor in employee retention is feeding the brain with new ideas, new insights. The Ad Club professional development is a great resource for inspiring people.”
Trudy Almquist, CFO, PARTNERS+simons
“As an in-house Creative department, we want to stay ahead of the competition. One way we do that is to keep our team learning and expanding their thinking through Ad Club courses.”
Derrick Wood, VP Global Creative Director, Staples
“The Ad Club Professional Development is important to me, to keep folks on their game and to nurture future talent.”
Bill Fox, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Communications + Advertising