Project Manager | Digital Marketing

Posted by: Mary Roche
South of Boston, MA | Mid Level | Agency Side

As a Project Manager, you’ll be an expert in delivery planning and project management – a go-to person to figure out how to make a great idea a reality. 

You’ll work directly with a variety of clients and be responsible for the planning of multiple projects.

Every day will be a little different. 

You will guide, motivate and manage teams to deliver the work on time, on budget, and surpassing client expectations.

You will know the right questions to ask to keep us on the path to success. 

You will be creating Statements of Work, budgets, Project Plans and other documentation that ensure expectations are clear and plans are blue printed for success.

You will monitor and assess budgets and provide solutions to deliver work within the requirements and budgets. 

You will coordinate and facilitate meetings, participate in client presentations and brainstorming sessions, and be “the glue” that keeps the project team motivated and moving forward.

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