The 57th Annual Hatch Awards Show

November 2, 2017
House of Blues

Celebrating its 57th year, the Hatch Awards is New England’s annual awards for creative branding and marketing. With award categories ranging from print to TV, broadcast to digital, mobile, and web-based content, the Hatch Awards continue the tradition of celebrating the very best in creative excellence in the region.

Criteria for Entry

Who May Enter

Any New England-based individual, brand, or client responsible for the creation of advertising, design, direct marketing and/or interactive material, such as an advertising agency, in-house agency, design studio, advertiser, broadcaster, publisher, production house, or freelancer.


What May Be Entered

Any advertising, design, direct or interactive materials first published, broadcast, distributed, or posted between May 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017. The creative concept must have roots in New England, whether it be work from a New England-based agency or for a New England-based client.